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National Mineral Wall Board Fact Sheet

From early booklet published in 1926

  • What is the financial responsibility of National Gypsum Company,
    manufacturers of National Mineral Wall Board?

    A. Assets $2,500,000

  • Where are the National's gypsum deposits?

    A. Western New York, Ohio, Michigan and Texas
  • What portion of the national market will the company cover?

    A. Everything east of the Rockies
  • How well equipped is the company for guaranteeing deliveries to the lumber dealer?

    A. The National mills form the largest manufacturing unit of its kind in the
    world. They produce the complete board ready for shipment in 90 minutes as compared with 16 to 24 hours common under old-fashioned methods.
  • Have the National mills ample shipping facilities?

    A. The New York Central's tracks pass through the centre of the property. Product is loaded directly on cars from the mill.
  • In what ways is National Mineral Wall Board a marked improvement over old-fashioned plaster wall board?

    A. Lighter yet thicker and stronger. More flexible. Less liable to breakage. Special core makes for better nailing. High purity of mineral gypsum used insures non-peeling of paper. Greater insulating properties. Fire-proof. Contains absolutely no saw dust. Does not blunt carpenter's tools as old-fashioned gritty boards do.
  • Is National Mineral Board the only finished product which the company markets?

    A. This is the only company in the world organized primarily for the manufacture of mineral wall board.
  • Through what type of dealer will National be sold?

    A. National Mineral Wall Board will be sold exclusively through the lumber trade and under a policy of selective distribution which places it in the hands of only the most reliable dealers. Those are dealers who, like National, believe that quality plus service to the carpenter is the only real basis for building a substantial and profitable wall board business.



The National Gypsum Company Gold Bond Guarantee:

This National Gold Bond Guarantees: that National Mineral Wall Board is made from the highest quality raw material and by the only process of its kind known to the industry; that the National Gypsum deposits embrace millions of tons which assay as high as 99.76% in purity; that National Mineral Wall Board, due to the purity of the rock and its exclusive process, is thicker and stronger, yet lighter than the old-fashioned type of plaster wallboard; that on both strength and thickness it exceeds the requirements of the Federal Specifications Board of the United States Government; that every panel bears the label of inspection and approval by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.; that it has repeatedly withstood tests beyond the resistance of all other wallboards similarly tested; and is the only wallboard in America to be sold under the Gold Bond Protection.

National Gypsum Company