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Lumberman's Merchandising Corporation (LMC)

Most believe National Gypsum has sold products to LMC since the 1940s. For many years, National Gypsum was LMC's only gypsum board supplier, and LMC was sales representative George Robert's only account.

Roberts remembers traveling in a motor home calling on LMC yards. "LMC was my only account for about 10 years, and then I moved into National Accounts and was assigned other customers," he said. "LMC was my primary account for another 13 years, until I retired. It was a very unique position, but a lot of fun."

LMC was started in Wayne, PA, by Fred Kessler and James Buckley, Sr. They called a small group of lumber dealers together in 1935 to consider the potential of their buying power if they placed orders together. There were 35 founding members of LMC. Today, it has locations in 48 states and has 320 stockholders with total sales over $3 billion. LMC is unique in that its members cannot be members of other buying cooperatives.

When this article was written in March 2010 for NGCentral, Mr. Roberts was 82 years old and LMC was celebrating its 75th Anniversary. National Gypsum presented LMC with a gypsum sculpture by Paul Hawkins. The gypsum came from the Winkleman, AZ, quarry.