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Renée Cieslikowski -
Remembering the Buffalo Blizzard of 1977

Marketing Communications Manager Renée Cieslikowski remembers the blizzard of 1977 which dropped 240 inches of snow on Buffalo. The company closed the office on Friday at noon and, although most people had driven to work, they carpooled when they left. Cieslikowski was with Dick Crotty, now retired, Oliver Campbell, another retiree who has passed away, and Nancy Van Wie, who is still at the Research Center.

"After four hours in the car, we had only gone four blocks," she recalled. "The fire department rescued us. The firemen were so cold their eyes were freezing shut. We warmed their eyes with our hands. They took us to the fire hall. At that time there were no cell phones, so our families didn't know where we were."

The next morning Cieslikowski and some of the others went to a nearby restaurant. The windows had blown out of the building and there was no power, but the owners were cooking what food they had.

"There were 80 to 100 people in the hall which had power. I can remember we watched 'Roots' on the television." The firemen helped them dig out their car, and the weary NGC associates arrived home about 9 p.m. Saturday evening.

Renée Cieslikowski, Marketing Communications Manager, as told to Nancy Spurlock -- 2007

Career Highlights

Price & Policy Dept. Gold Bond Building Products Division/Buffalo

Corporate Audit Dept. National Gypsum Company/Buffalo

Marketing Dept. Gold Bond Building Products/Buffalo (returned to GBBP when NGC moved to Dallas)

Relocated to Charlotte with GBBP Headquarters

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1986 – Present
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