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CSL Trailblazer

Director of Transportation Pat Hunter tells an interesting story about the Trailblazer:

The company leased the bulk carrier from giant shipbuilder Skaarup. Ole Skaarup, who founded the company, developed the loading system for modern bulk carriers.


Through the initial agreement, National Gypsum agreed to lease the Gold Bond Trailblazer for 10 years. After that period, the company would purchase the ship for $1. The agreement stood and in 1988, the company purchased the ship for $1 and immediately sold it to the Canadian Steamship Lines (CSL) for $9 million.

  • Christened in January 1978 in Japan
  • Carries rock from San Marcos Island to Richmond and Long Beach plants.
  • 584' x 85'
  • 26,000 Tons of rock
  • Ore loading system – 2000T/hour
  • 9000 hp diesel engine
  • Bow thruster, side mounted propeller which facilitates harbor maneuvering