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Robert E. Scifres

Joined company in November 1942 and was named foreman of electrical wiring at the Bluebonnet Ordinance Plant. The next month he was promoted to chief electrical engineer.

1945 – plant engineer at the company's Mobile, AL plant.
1951 – plant manager, National City plant
1952 – assistant production manager, Buffalo
1953 – production manager of gypsum plants
1954 – plant manager, Shoals
1956 – production manager over coastal plants
1964 – vice president of manufacturing at Huron Cement
1969 – vice president and assistant to the chairman as well as vice president of cement
1971 – group vice president
1977 – vice chairman of the board
1977 – October 31, elected chairman of the board. Company had seven division, 13,000 employees, and about 50,000 shareholders.
1982 – December 31, retired as chairman and CEO




Robert Scifres Personal Interview

Robert (Bob) Scifres was interviewed on April 27, 2010, while at the Trailblazers Spring Fling. He retired in 1982 as the fourth chairman of National Gypsum Company after 40 years of service with company. He was 92 at the time of the interview with Nancy Spurlock.

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