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The Tarbell Family:
Gordon H. Tarbell
Gordon Tarbell started the Clarence City Plant in New York and served as the vice president of Production.

In January 1948, Gordon H. Tarbell (often called Pop) was honored at the plant managers meeting in Buffalo. He had been vice president in charge of production for 20 years, starting at the Clarence Center plant. Lewis R. (Sandy) Sanderson took his place.

The plant managers gave Gordon Tarbell a desk and chair.


Richard "Dick" G. Tarbell Sr.
Dick Tarbell was a 1935 graduate of Kenmore High School in Buffalo, New York, a 1939 graduate of University of Michigan with an engineering degree, and a member of SAE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Dick was the Fort Dodge Plant Manager when he retired. He started at the Savannah Plant, and was plant manager in New Haven CT, for 17 years before going to Fort Dodge. He retired in 1986 after 47 years with the company at age 69.

Dick enjoyed his retirement and his seven grandchildren until his death in 2007. His son Peter Tarbell works for National Gypsum as a sales representative for the SEA.


Peter E. Tarbell
Peter Tarbell a sales representative for the Southeast Area, lives in Knoxville, TN and is the son of Richard Tarbell, Sr.